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Haitian Men Empowerment Program

We are looking for leaders who are willing to learn and serve the Haitian Community while at the same time displaying the Neg Kreyol image and serving as a role model to other Haitian men. The Motto of Neg Kreyol Inc. is "The Empowerment of Haitian Men." Our Members will gain leadership experience and a brotherhood within the organization while networking with members of other student organizations and business leaders of the community.


Our Purpose

The Empowerment of Haitian Men. We want to Instill unity within men of Haitian descent. This is to help promote more Haitian men as leaders and role models to the younger generation and peers within the haitian community.

Community Service

Establishing, running, & maintaining our own community service events. Neg Kreyol Inc. manages service events where members & non-members can give back to the community. Through volunteering, we continue to reach out to the Haitian community as brothers and participants in other service events.

Our Current Goals

  • Increase the percentage of Haitian males in leadership positions.

  • Become role models for all Haitian males within 3 cities & still expanding.

  • Establish long term relationships with Haitian professionals and organizations.

  • Become an available resource to Haitian organizations and businesses.

The Benefits of Being a Neg Kreyol Brother

  • Creating strong bonds of brothers

  • Developing Professional Networks, meet new people & other business professionals to guide you in your respective fields.

  • Networking with Leadership opportunities also gaining business etiquette, financial stability, and much more.

  • Professional workshops, resume critiques, business etiquette courses. Professional wear and Professional writing

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