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The Gentlemen of Neg Kreyol, Inc. believe in living by our organization's purpose of Empowering Haitian Men and our mission of raising awareness and aid for Haiti. We are partnering up with the Dezman Fleury Foundation located in Leogane, Haiti to help the orphanage in every way possible. We are traveling to Haiti with the main goal of providing the facility with a gas generator and while at the orphanage we plan on helping the kids in gaining lifelong skills; conduct English lessons and holding educational seminars during the duration of our visit.

Locally, we are awarding scholarship(s) to graduating high school seniors of Haitian descent to assist with their college expenses.
Our Mission
Neg Kreyol, Inc. is a non-profit student organization and its sole mission is "The Empowerment of Haitian Men."
Part of our mission is to to partner up with other non-profit organizations to raise awareness and HELP directly in the aid of Haiti.
Ongoing Project
The brothers of Neg Kreyol, Inc. are going to Haiti in the summer of 2015 to help kids at an orphanage in the community Leogane Haiti.
To help grow our local community, our organization help increase the percentage of Haitian men in leadership positions.

You can help too!

You don't have to know them personally to help change their lives. Click here to watch a short videa clip.

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